The course consists of 20 Modules as below.

  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting
  2. GAAP – The pillars and forces influencing ‘Financial Accounting and Reporting’
  3. Financial Statements – Introduction, Meaning, Structure, and Demystification of major Elements of Financial Statements 
  4. Financial Accounting and Reporting – Process, Structure and Governance
  5. Financial Reporting Standards - Overview and Comparative Study
  6. Recording Business Transactions in Primary Books
  7. Recording of Business Transactions in Principal Books
  8. Preparation of Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
  9. Accounting for Non - Current Assets
  10. Accounting for and Valuation of Inventories
  11. Accounting Information Systems – The Physical and Virtual Infrastructure
  12. Prelude to Preparation of Financial Statements
  13. Preparation of Financial Statements - Income Statement (or Profit and Loss a/c)
  14. Preparation of Financial Statements – Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and Statement of Changes in Equity
  15. Preparation of Financial Statements - Funds Flow and Cash Flow Statements
  16. Preparation of Financial Statements in Special Situations
  17. Accounting for Direct and Indirect Taxes
  18. Fair Value Accounting
  19. Financial Statements Analysis and Introduction to Financial Modeling
  20. Application of Microsoft Excel and VBA for Excel in Financial Accounting and Financial Modeling