This category consists of courses and programs relating to prominent Financial Reporting / Standards across the globe.

Around 167 jurisdictions ( have implemented International Financial Reporting Standards (Full Set) (IFRS Full Set) either by adoption or convergence mode. 

A simpler and easy to implement version of IFRS, namely IFRS for Small and Medium Sized Entities (IFRS for SME) is currently implemented by 86 jurisdictions ( around the globe. 

Companies in the USA are following US GAAP. However the United States Securities Exchange Commission have permitted foreign companies listing in the US Stock Markets.  Currently, more than 500 foreign SEC registrants, with a worldwide market capitalisation of US$7 trillion, use IFRS Standards in their US filings. 

As far as the IFRS for SME, there is neither express permission or prohibition regarding implementation of IFRS for SMEs. At the same time, no specified framework for financial reporting by Small and Medium sized entities has not been adopted for most of the SMEs. (


This course relates to the concepts, application and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards by entities around the globe.

Our discussion, illustration and analysis revolves around  the basic themes of any financial reporting standard, namely;
Presentation and
of Financial Elements, namely Asset, Income, Liabilities and Expense